About us

We’ve started this business at the beginning of this year. I started creating scrunchies as more of a hobby than other things, slowly my friends started asking me to make them. Obviously i found joy in what i was doing and decided to make some extra money by selling these items. I love how it’s going and i’m planning to continue until i get too busy.

A little bit of context here, i’m 11 and i started this business over the summer. I have school so sadly i can’t be as active as i was, and orders may take a longer time coming. I apoligize for this but i still have extra time so i will try my best to get them through on time

Thanks for your understanding!

You may be confused on why we choose the name for our business because i’m sure you probaly have a few questions, Jia Yu is my chinese name and the word collection just glides on so smoothly. Theres not much to it and it’s just stuck around!